The most important forests you’ve never heard of

Around the world, forests are being burnt and cut to make room for soy farms, palm oil plantations, logging operations, and cattle ranches. It’s come to a point where articles about it have become commonplace in many publications and there are even world records for greatest deforestation. Yet, there is…

A few companies have built an oligopoly using science as a resource

A paper that does not have references is like a child without an escort walking at night in a big city it does not know: isolated, lost, anything may happen to it.

Bruno Latour, 1987

This quote, from famous anthropologist Bruno Latour, serves as a good insight into how…

Why your plants may have a more negative impact than you expected, and how to fix it.

Domestic gardens are great. Whether you grow plants in the back garden of your home or on the window bench of your apartment, there are countless benefits to adding plants to your everyday life. They look good and help brighten up any living space. They can feed you and be…

Alex Hureau

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